Who are we? We are you!

Elrond owners and promoters, having an important contribution to what the Elrond and EGLD journey meant along the time. Based on our understanding and direct experience as end users, Florin Cojocaru, one of the most active members in Elrond community under @flr_811 username who happens to own an impressive EGLD wallet, and Mihai Bârcă best known as DrDelphi, the strategic mind behind the @ElrondNetwork_Bot and involved in offering constant support for tech and not only matters, together we have decided to use our experience for the community benefit and we founded staking.agency which will be guided by direct and constant communication, transparency, adaptability and what is promised to be the most appealing APR.

Be more, get more, dare to be a part of this journey and take it to the next level. When Elrond community becomes more, it’s time to earn.

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